Contact Info

Phone: (270) 687-8760
Fax: (270) 687-8739

Owensboro Sanitation Dept.
1410 W. 5th Street
Owensboro, KY 42301

Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
After 3:30 p.m., contact CityAction

CityAction: 270-687-4444

Basic Service

Your $18.00 monthly fee includes cart rental and weekly collection of one full mobile cart, in addition:

  • The 96-gal cart is the only size available
  • The carts remain the property of the city and must be left at the property when residents move
  • A replacement charge may be levied against the resident/landlord if cart(s) are significantly damaged (not normal wear and tear) or lost ($75.00 per cart)

Advanced Service

Should you find that one mobile cart is insufficient for your trash needs, you might consider:

  • Recycling - refer to our Recycling page
  • Rental of a second cart - $4.00 for each additional cart; must be utilized for a minimum of 6-months
  • Overflow Bags - $2.50 for each single-use bag, available for purchase at City Hall
  • Large loads - refer to our Bulky Collections and Special Loads page

Please follow these guidelines to ensure quality service

  • Have trash curbside by 6:00 a.m. Once drivers pass through your neighborhood, they cannot return for late set-outs.
  • All trash intended for collection must be contained inside the mobile cart and the lid must be closed.
  • Do not block the cart with cars or set them too close to fences, trees or poles. Automatic collection requires 4 ft. of clearance all around.
  • Face cart towards the street (see arrows on top of your cart).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Collection Schedule

Please review the service map above to get an idea of your collection day.  If the following holidays fall on a weekday, there will be no collection on that day but instead will be delayed one day.  This will result in a Saturday collection for a normal Friday route:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day


For the safety of our workers, and to protect the environment through proper landfill dumping, some items are prohibited from residential trash collection:

  • Grass and/or lawn clippings
  • Ammunition
  • Gas-fuel cylinders
  • Hazardous chemicals or poisons
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Oil, fuel of any kind, or any flammable liquids
  • Paint: Contents must be completely dry for collection
  • Tires: Bring to Transfer Station (there will be a charge)
  • Aggregate materials such as: concrete, asphalt, dirt, rocks, bricks, etc.
  • No fluorescent light tubes: The County Transfer Station will accept but requires a $1.25 charge per tube. Home Depot accepts used Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) free at their service desk.
  • Construction and demolition materials in significant amounts such as: windows, doors, drywall, lumber, fencing, siding, etc... Anything generated as a result of a remodel or construction project.
  • Any materials or object deemed hazardous or potentially damaging to sanitation vehicles or personnel, i.e. engine blocks, long rigid/semi-rigid poles, rods, beams, towers, large appliances containing any organic material (food waste).
  • Medical Waste - Used Needles/Sharps: Please do not place loose needles/sharps in your cart for collection as this places undue risk of possible injury/infection to personnel attempting to dispose of your household waste. The following are alternative methods for safe disposal:
    • Place in sealed, hard plastic container (detergent/bleach bottle or similar), mark the outside with the word "Sharps" and place enough bleach/water solution in the bottle to cover the sharps. You can then place the container either to the side or on top of your residential cart on your normal collection day. As an added precaution we ask that you contact us so that we may make the driver aware to look for the container.
    • Drop box or Supervised Collection Site. A commercially available disposal system can be purchased through your local pharmacy and can be taken to appropriate collection sites: doctor's offices, hospitals, pharmacies, health departments or fire stations. Check with your pharmacist or health care provider for availability.
    • Syringe Exhange Program (SEP). Users can exchange used needles for new ones. Contact the North American Syringe Exchange Network at 253-272-4857 or online at
    • Mail-back Programs. Place sharps in special containers and return container by mail to a collection site. This service usually requires a fee. Check with your local health care provider or search the internet using keywords "sharps mail back".
    • At-home Needle Destruction Devices. Some manufacturers offer products that allow you to destroy used needles at home. Check with your local pharmacist or search the internet using keywords "sharps disposal devices."

Report Illegal Dumpers

Help us keep our city clean. Contact us to report illegal dumpers. We have zero tolerance for those who "trash" our city.