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February 18, 2016

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Beginning Monday, February 22nd, Redline Contracting, a contractor for the owner of the property and building at 125 W 2nd Street, will close the sidewalk and twelve parking spaces along St. Ann Street adjacent to the property for the remodeling of the building. Only the sidewalk will be closed for pedestrian use on both St. Ann Street and 2nd Street while the streets will remain open. Construction should last between four and six weeks. Please use caution and attention while driving in this area.


Beginning Wednesday, February 24th, North York Street will be closed from York Drive to Ellis Avenue for RWRA sewer repairs.


Beginning Friday, February 26th, Concord Terrace will be closed for RWRA sewer repairs.


Detours will be appropriately marked for these closures.  Please use caution and attention while driving in these areas. 




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