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December 2, 2014

For information, contact Danielle Woodward at 270-687-8545.





The City of Owensboro has small memorial pavers available for purchase to honor veterans.  These pavers will be engraved and installed at the Charles E. Shelton Memorial.  The cost per five and a half inch by five and a half inch (5.5” x 5.5”) paver is $75.00 and can be personalized and will be accompanied by a certificate for presentation.  A copy of a DD-214 form or some evidence of honorable discharge and the application are required for purchase.  Please be sure to order pavers by December 19 if the paver(s) will be presented as a Christmas gift.  Applications are available by calling Danielle Woodward at 270-687-8545.


This Charles E. Shelton Memorial is dedicated to Col. Charles E. Shelton (US Air Force) who was shot down while on a mission over Laos in 1964.  Col. Shelton was finally declared killed in action in 1994, and is the last official POW of the Vietnam War. 


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