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December 7, 2015

For information, contact Owensboro Fire Chief Steve Mitchell at (270) 687-8405.


Owensboro Fire Department Announces Annual Awards For 2015



Firefighter of the Year:        Firefighter Joey Wright

                                                Hire Date: 3/2/2009

                                                Assignment: Station 1, Engine 1


Fire Engineer of the Year:  Engineer Curtis Johnson

                                                Hire Date: 3/31/1997

                                                Promotion Date: 9/17/2006

                                                Assignment:  Station 1, Ladder 1


Fire Officer of the Year:      Captain Billy Wilson

                                                Hire Date:  4/16/2001

                                                Promotion Date:  Lieutenant 2/28/2010 Captain Aug. 9, 2015

                                                Assignment: Station 5, Engine 5


Merit Award:                          Firefighter Brad Blandford

                                                Hire Date: 10/1/2004

                                                Assignment: Station 1, Rescue 1


Merit Award:                          Engineer Josh O’Bryan

                                                Hire Date: 10/25/1999

                                                Promotion: 9/17/2006

                                                Assignment: Station 5, Ladder 5


During the ceremony, Chief Steve Mitchell explained, “We had several nominations this year and all were well deserved. All of our personnel are out there saving lives and property daily and deserve a lot of credit for what they do for this community. The recognition of these individuals reflects their high level of performance and commitment to the well-being of Owensboro. We are proud of each and every one of the recipients.”