To be eligible, nominees must serve the Neighborhood Alliances or community-at-large. Religious, fraternal, or professional groups that provide services only to their members are not eligible.

Nominees who are eligible: Service Volunteers - ones who have been active in the operating functions of the Neighborhood Alliances or the community-at-large. Any individuals paid for their volunteer activities or compensated in any manner (other than out of pocket expenses) are not eligible. To be considered their volunteer work must have been done in Daviess County.

Individuals or organizations eligible to submit nominations: Individuals, agencies, organizations, or clubs whose primary function is to provide services to solve social problems and/or to improve quality of life for its clients or for the community at-large.

The exact words from the nomination forms will be seen by the judges.

Nomination forms must be filled out completely and legible (please print or type). An incomplete or unsigned nomination form is disqualified.

The names of the judges are kept confidential unless by decision of all participants. Volunteer Judges will select a winner in each category; each submission is a nomination in one of two categories - either as an individual or group.

Each Neighborhood Alliance is encouraged to nominate at-least one nominee per category. Neighborhood Alliances may submit more than one nomination in Good Neighbor category if appropriate.

Individual Categories

Any volunteer aged 18 years or over, that has demonstrated exceptional leadership within the Neighborhood Alliance.
Community Service
Any volunteer aged 18 or over, that has an identified history of community service within the community, but not limited to the Neighborhood Alliance. Activities other than Neighborhood Alliance sponsored functions will be considered if they are in conjunction with neighborhood, city or county issues.
Founders Award
Any person that has a exemplary history of community involvement, history of significant contribution to the betterment of the Neighborhood Alliance, the City or County and its residents. This award is not an annual award, but will be given only when the merits of the nominee justify the prestigious recognition.

Group Categories (Neighborhood Alliances only)

Any Neighborhood Alliance that has shown outstanding leadership, within their neighborhoods or issues relating to the neighborhoods or the community in general.
Community Service
Any Neighborhood Alliance that has demonstrated outstanding participation in community issues relating to their Neighborhood and the community in general.
Any Neighborhood Alliance that has had significant impact on a neighborhood or community issue that results in the betterment of the community.

Other Groups

Good Neighbor Awards
Any group, organization, business etc., that has a significant history of support for or cooperation with the Neighborhood Alliances is eligible.