• Petcasso Painting

    Saturday October 21, 2023

    Location: Legion Park
    Contact: CrossRoads Women's Shelter/SAINT

    Do you have a DogVinci? Perhaps a Catelangelo? Show us your Petcasso by having your pet "paint" an 8X10 canvas with non-toxic paints. Cost will be $20 per canvas. Participants will sign in and pay upon arrival at park. Limited number of participants will be allowed in the shelter at any one time. All others will be asked to remain outside until your name is called. This will be on a first come, first served basis. All dogs are required to be on a leash and under control at all times. Cats must be in crates. A larger crate will be available for your cat to "paint". All pets will be handled only by their owners. Each dog participating will have the family pick colors and design for the canvas. A volunteer or other adult will apply the paint to the canvas. Canvas will be placed into a ziploc baggie that has peanut butter spread on one side. The dog will lick the peanut butter thus spreading the paint around the canvas. The baggie with the canvas inside will then be given to the family to take home. Instructions to remove canvas upon arrival at home and place flat to dry will be given to family members. Cats can participate as well by using either a laser light or liquid cat treats.