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February 11, 2015

For information, contact Community Development Director Keith L. Free, at 270-687-8658.





The World Changers volunteer organization will be in Owensboro June 15-19, 2015. This organization’s visit marks the 8th consecutive year that volunteers from 10 different states have helped low income people in our community. World Changers will furnish volunteer workers and construction supervisors for each home to complete minor exterior repairs. Between 18 and 22 homes will be placed on the final project list, and all repairs and building materials will be furnished at no cost to the homeowner. The City of Owensboro will furnish the building materials necessary for each project site. 


An estimated of 250 volunteers will be here during the week, and homeowners can expect a crew of 10-15 people at their home for a period of two to three days, depending on the size of the project. The project guidelines are as follows:


  • Homes must be located within the city limits of Owensboro, Kentucky.
  • The project applies to homeowners only (deed of record). No rental property will be considered.
  • Only single story homes will be considered.
  • Roof shingle replacement, exterior painting, wheelchair ramps and yard cleanup will be considered for a project. Window replacement and structural repair items will be not be considered for projects. World Changers will make the final selection on which houses will be on the project list.
  • The household must meet the HUD low income guidelines (Example: single person maximum income limit is $32,050 per year / a four-person family maximum income limit is $45,750 per year).
  • All interested homeowners must provide income information and proof of current homeowner’s insurance.
  • Application deadline is Friday, February 27, 2015.


Since 2008 a total 1,375 World Changers volunteers have has assisted in the repair of 113 homes in Owensboro with an estimated repair investment cost of $609,800.  Eligible homeowners can call Keith L. Free, Comity Development Director at (270) 687-8658 to place their home on the application list for consideration.


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