Monday October 25, 2021 8:00 AM


As part of a continued effort to clean and maintain the banks of the Ohio River, the City of Owensboro has partnered with Specialty Foods Group and the Army Reserve to remove the heavy overgrowth and debris that has washed ashore on the west side of the English Park boat ramp.

City Manager Nate Pagan said, “The cleaning of the riverbank is part of a larger project that began in 2020 to clear debris and overgrowth from the riverfront on the west side of the Convention Center. This area will also receive additional maintenance by the end of November.”

The City is sensitive to the fact that there are citizens tent camping along the banks of the Ohio River. Therefore, the City has partnered with St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter to help provide ample notice of the cleaning event to these individuals. St. Benedict’s has offered them a place to stay and other available resources, if desired. Harry Pedigo Jr., Executive Director at St. Benedict’s stated, “We are always eager to help the homeless in our city and reduce the disparities they face; we will offer our facilities to anyone who may get displaced during this time.” St. Benedict’s can be reached at 270-541-1003 and is located at 1001 W. 7th Street.

The cleanup will begin on Monday, October 25, and is expected to continue until Thursday, November 11, pending no inclement weather or delays.


For information contact Kelsey Ray at 270-687-8560 or