• Bless the Block

    Friday July 30, 2021

    Location: W. 5th St. to W. 7th St. and Elm St. to Orchard St.
    Contact: Justin Kline

    We started "Bless the Block" last summer as the alternative (due to the pandemic) to our annual VBS on 5th Street. This would be the 11 year anniversary of bringing VBS to the neighborhood. We don't want to miss the opportunity to serve our community - a predominantly black neighborhood - especially during this time of racial unrest. It was received so well last year in our community that we wanted to continue the tradition (in lieu of VBS again in an attempt to be proactive to protect the spread of covid and avoid large gatherings).The parade goes through the Baptown area (blocks: 5th-7th Street and Elm - Orchard) where families are able stay in their own yards. Trailers serve as the "floats," and from these trailers we are able to pass out meals, cleaning supplies, gift cards, tshirts, etc. One of the trailers would include a live musician and speaker. Security will walk alongside the vehicles to keep children (or anyone else!) from running into the street and up to the floats.